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Inspection Methods Performed By Talon Test Laboratories

Talon Test Laboratories (TTL), with facilities currently in Camarillo, California, Indianapolis and Chandler, Arizona, offers the most comprehensive range of aerospace non-destructive inspection (Ultrasonic, Radiographic, Eddy Current, Liquid Penetrant, and Magnetic Particle) Capabilities in the independent test laboratory field.

Our range of state of the art inspection equipment, together with our highly qualified and experienced staff, is unequaled in the non-destructive inspection industry.

Pressure testing is available with 10,000 psig hydrostatic, 10,000 psig hydraulic, 6,000 psig nitrogen and 400 psig air. Our experience and expertise gives us the ability to inspect a wide variety of material such as titanium, stainless steels, aluminium, magnesium, ceramics, and many others. We provide inspection services for all processes and stages of fabrication including weldments, brazes, castings and wrought product.

Ultrasonic Inspection

Talon's extensive range of 24 state of the art ultrasonic systems allow inspection of all component types to the latest standards.

Ultrasonic Inspection Methods
  • Immersion Testing
  • Through Transmission Testing
  • Turntable/Rotator
  • Contact
  • Bond Testing

Ultrasonic Inspection Details

Ultrasonic Inspection

Eddy Current Inspection

Talon Test Labs offers expertise in automated Eddy Current inspection using rectilinear and turntable scanning with advanced data acquisition and analysis.

Eddy Current Inspection Methods
  • Contact
  • Semi-Automated

Eddy Current Inspection Details

Eddy Current Inspection

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Penetrant testing can be performed on magnetic and non-magnetic materials, but does not work well on materials that are porous.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection Methods
  • Fluorescent Penetrants (Type 1) Water Washable (Method A) Medium Sensitivity (Level 2)
  • Fluorescent Penetrants (Type 1) Water Washable (Method A) High Sensitivity (Level 3)
  • Fluorescent Penetrants (Type 1) Post-Emulsifiable, Hydrophilic (Method D) Ultra-High Sensitivity (Level 4)

Liquid Penetrant Inspection Details

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic particle testing is fast, relatively easy to apply and part surface preparation is not as critical as it is for some other NDT methods.

Magnetic Particle Inspection Methods
  • Wet Fluorescent continuous method (bench)
  • Wet Fluorescent residual method (bench)
  • External cable wrap
  • External clamps
  • Yoke

Magnetic Particle Inspection Details

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Radiographic Inspection

Talon radiographers have extensive experience in the casting and airframe inspection fields. The highly qualified staff, four X-ray vaults, large dark rooms and multi-station viewing areas result in exceptional throughput and lower cost.

Radiographic Inspection Methods
  • Conventional Film X-Ray
  • Digital Radiography

Radiographic Inspection Details

Radiographic Inspection

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