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Talon Test Laboratories - Indianapolis

Talon Test Laboratories - Indianapolis

The largest test laboratory in the Talon Group is located on the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana, four miles from Indianapolis International Airport, with easy access from Interstate highways 65, 69, 70, and 74 via the Interstate 465 loop. The facility currently has 2 large X-ray cabinets, 7 Ultrasonic immersion systems, and two UT squirter systems, as well as stations for manual UT Inspection.

Talon Test Laboratories - Indianapolis

Two of the largest UT immersion systems have multiple 3-D motion controlled search tubes which can be configured either for Pulse-Echo scanning of multiple items simultaneously, or for synchronized thru-transmission scanning.

The Indianapolis facility has 60,000 square feet under roof. The facility has the capability to handle large items and high volume.

List of OEM and Industry Approvals:

PrimeSupplier #Document/Approval #Spec. or Program
Aerojet-Rocketdyne13967NDT102313RA0115-012, RA0115-125 NAS 410, AMS STD 2154
Bell Helicopter476585Supplier Status ReportBPS 4424, QPS-103
BoeingProcessor Code BE10026986D1-4426 Rev. IR Approved ProcessorsQuality System, ASTM E-1742, BAC 5439, BSS 7052, BSS 7055, BAC 5439-3, NAS 410, HP6-22
Cessna869851Form X-363 & Letter dtd. 8-22-13CSTI 009
General ElectricT9207AF03, AF09, P3TF14 Cl-A, P3TF24 CL-C, CL-DAF - Inspection, Ultrasonic
Hamilton Sundstrand13628101email dtd. 11-10-11 (R. Miller)HS 4845, PN16.01
Lockheed MartinPMS PQA 790Supplier SummaryNAS 410, ASTM E-1742, 5PTPCT04, 5PTPCT01, Appendix QJ
NADCAPAudit #161925Certificate #3349161925AC7004E (Quality System)
''Audit #160514Certificate #3349160514AC7114 Rev. G (NDT Program)
''''''AC7114S Rev. I (Boeing, Lockheed, Bell, Cessna, GE, Hamilton-Sundst., Rolls Royce)
''''''AC7114/3 Rev. H (Ultrasonic Survey)
''''''AC7114/3S Rev. I (UT - Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Rolls-Royce)
''''''AC7114/4 Rev. G (Radiography Survey)
''''''AC7114/4S Rev. I (RT - Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Rolls-Royce, Hamilton-Sundstrand)
Rolls Royce104860ASTM E2104, EIS 1201

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