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Talon Test Laboratories

Established in 1999, the Talon Test Laboratories (TTL), with facilities currently in Camarillo, California, Indianapolis and Chandler, Arizona, offers the most comprehensive range of aerospace non destructive inspection capabilities in the independent test laboratory field.

Our range of state of the art inspection equipment, together with our highly qualified and experienced staff, is unequaled in the industry. TTL stands alone in our ability to meet your NDT requirements with fast turnaround, exceptional quality and competitive prices.

Talon Test Laboratories are industry leaders in the application of advanced complex contour following techniques to composite materials and plate product.

Our current range of 17 UT systems are equipped with the latest state of the art motion control, data acquisition and analysis technology provided by our sister company, Structural Diagnostics Inc., the leading U.S. manufacturer of UT and Eddy Current inspection systems. All systems, apart from the horizontal through transmission unit, are equipped with full 3D complex contour following.

The staff of Talon Test Laboratories, Inc. are highly qualified in the field of NDT and have recognized expertise and national accreditation in its application.

They are well known to the customer base and have a proven track record in supplying effective solutions to inspection problems rather than merely supplying test results.

Components inspected include forgings, plate, bar, billet, weldments, brazes, bonded structures, composites and ceramics, as well as specialized high frequency inspection of exotic materials for the Space and Defense Industry with state of the art analytical software.

We are able to supply customers with analysis features which include line cursor measurement, image enhancement, region of interest (ROI) histograms, signal to noise ratio measurement and cluster analysis, to help support engineering evaluation material. Defect evaluation, using the Miniscan feature, provides B-scan and full waveform capture functions.

Talon Test Laboratories, Inc. has installed a new SDI 12 axis ''Tower'' composite scanner in our Indianapolis location. The new design allows us an even greater range of contour following, along with an increase of speed due to its inherent stability. The large size of this system allows us to scan part sizes upwards of 18 feet long by 9 foot tall. Our mounting platform provides a safe and efficient method of securing parts on a rolling frame.

Our radiographers have extensive experience in the casting and air frame inspection fields. The highly qualified staff, four X-ray vaults, large dark rooms and multi-station viewing areas result in exceptional throughput and lower cost.

We also offer expertise in automated Eddy Current inspection using rectilinear and turntables canning with advanced data acquisition and analysis. In addition, TTL has the most advanced aircraft wheel inspection system available. These automated systems provide us with the ability to perform detailed digital evaluation of acquired data.

We provide special application to the magnetic particle process which allows us to process parts with critical surfaces. Our experience and expertise give us the ability to inspect a wide variety of material such as titanium, stainless steels, aluminum, magnesium, ceramics, and many others. We provide inspection services for all processes and stages of fabrication including weldments, brazes, castings and wrought product.

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