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Talon Test Laboratories - Camarillo, California

Talon Test Labs Camarillo shares a 35,000 sq ft business park unit in Camarillo, California with it's parent company, Structural Diagnostics, Inc. This close relationship with SDI is mutually beneficial in many ways. Talon Camarillo benefits from having the equipment manufacturer on-site because they can have existing equipment modified, or whole new systems built, if needed to accept or complete a job.

They also benefit from having the service team and spare parts under the same roof as them, which allows for immediate repair work if necessary. On the other hand, SDI benefits from being able to get direct feedback from the end user, as well as having working systems on hand for training or troubleshooting.

There are currently four working Ultrasonic Testing systems at the Camarillo location ( three immersion tanks, and one large gantry), and SDI is able to provide Talon with any UT system that would be needed to complete a job, provided a long term commitment is agreed upon. Talon Camarillo currently has approvals from Bombardier, Caterpillar, NADCAP, and SpaceX.

This 20 ft. long, six axis, SDI 5150 XL is equipped with a rotator. It is capable of inspecting round product 10-22'' diameter weighing up to 5,000 lbs. and up to 12 ft. long. A smaller rotator is available for smaller diameter parts. This tank can be used to test metals or composites, by either pulse echo or through transmission.

This 20 ft. long, six axis, SDI 5150 is equipped with a turntable and is capable of inspecting disks up to 24'' diameter and 1,500 lbs. With the turntable removed, this tank will accommodate plates up to 18 x 3 ft. It can be used to test metals or composites, by either pulse echo or through transmission.

The SDI 5360 is a 12 axis gantry system with an option for a turntable or rotator (which can be made or modified by SDI on-site). It is often used to test large aerospace honeycomb composites using through transmission or pulse echo. It is able to test parts with a complex contour following.

The SDI 5150 is a small 6 axis turntable system with a 4 x 3 x 3 ft scan envelope. It is usually used for turbine disk inspection.

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